5 SMALL GADGETS TO PROMOTE YOUR OFFICE LIFE Try to use small gadgets to create a comfortable office life.

After you draft several documents, do some reports or write programs, you may feel a little bit tired or bored. However, there are many small gadgets to relieve fatigue and promote your office life. Let’s have a look.


As we know, many office workers suffer from lower-back pain, cervical pain and so on. Long sitting-hours is the main cause. If you choose another way to finish your tasks, like standing to check the e-mail your boss sent you just before, you will take less risks of suffering this kind of pain. Besides, you can also use your laptop with a laptop stand.

Maybe you usually hold your laptop with a single hand, which seems a bit burdensome, even though you are standing.

But when you have a laptop stand, you can adjust the angle and height that suit you. Then you don’t have to stare at the screen and sit on your chair like a strong adhesive. Just stand there and give your back a relief.


A soft and right cushion is a perfect buddy for comfortable office life, especially a cushion which has the functions of correcting back sitting position and keeping back relax.

When you feel working is so boring, a cushion can also delight the monotonous office life. A good cushion with attractive design is perfect.


Imagine yawning, stretching lazily in a fragrance of flowers. A beautiful vase makes your office more enjoyable. Maybe it is a little bit expensive for buying flowers every week or there is a workmate who is allergic to flowers. You can hang the fresh flowers for several days to make dried flowers and then you do not have to worry about the price and appreciate the beauty of life.

If you do not like flowers, poting plants is also a good choice. Something succulent or something with a bracket?

First, you have to realize that it is not difficult to take care of a pot plant. Maybe you feel it hard to control the light period for a home indoor grower. But in fact, you just need to put it under light for 12+ hours each day to keep it growing. It does not matter whether it is sunlight or lamp light.

Apart from your light, container types, nutrients are also considered. Because this consideration relates to a single plant, there are various choices for these aspects of cultivation. When you choose plant containers, the best options are those that offer breathability. Other factors for plant pots include drainage holes and saucers. Remember not to let your plants sit in stagnant water for long time. Still water also attracts bugs and molds.

In terms of nutrients, you do not have to buy fertilizer specially. You can use the potting soil for this kind of plant. It is usually filled with lots of nutrients. However, water is more important, especially for a seedling. The amount of watering should be controlled strictly.


As a white collar, you have to stare at screen for a long time. So a useful eye-patch is necessary. Take advantage of rest time, wear an eye-patch and make your eyes relax.

Do not forget to use your hands to massage your eyes when you feel tired.

There are some typical steps. The most important step is closing your eyes to relax. Then use your two thumbs to press on your temples and index fingers bend to massage the skin around your eyes. Also rub your hands to make them warmer, and then put your hands on your eyes. This way applies to some eye-patches which has the function of heating.


Start a new work day, you may have some plans, whatever work plan or family plan. Maybe you have to check a number of e-mails. Perhaps this day is your wedding anniversary and you plan to go out for dinner with your wife/husband. Write down them all on your notebook or mark on your desk calendar and remind you of carrying out the plan.

Now you have seen all the gadgets and tips we recommend to you. Have you decided to improve your office life? Go ahead and make a new start.: )

This post is the personal story / opinion of Kate Tang, not VitaBit Software, for more information please visit the VitaBit software disclaimer. Kate is a mid-twenties marketing intern, who is in her internship program and working in Beijing, China.