Over-Hyped Technologies in Healthcare ? Wearables & Sensors

According to a recent blogpost at Medical Futurist written by Dr. Bertalan Mesko, PhD:

“The market for healthcare wearables and trackers is booming lately. Sensors and health trackers can measure health parameters, granting insight into exercise habits, sleep quality, stress levels or brain activity during meditation.

I also enthusiastically tested many of them in order to ensure a healthy way of life, and I truly believe that in the future, health trackers such as the Pebble sleep tracker or Withings Blood Pressure monitor will become part of our lives. Such sensitive data-collecting devices will be very useful for doctors, especially GPs since they collect a lot of health information about the patient. The waiting time in front of doctor’s examining rooms could drop significantly and the GPs could devote more energy and time to more focused and relaxed healing.

However, we are unfortunately not there yet. Nowadays, these healthcare devices are still too big to wear them comfortably and invisibly, the algorithms behind them are dumb and we need to analyze data by ourselves and draw conclusions from that – which is far from being effective”

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